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Available Programs

By offering several programs, Valley of Light and Miracles gives you opportunity to get access to the knowledge & tools to bring transformation in your life and help others. Learn more about your options below, and feel free to reach out with any questions.



Consultation offers you opportunity to discuss any life situation you are struggling with and find an appropriate solution using various tools and techniques offered by the qualified practitioners. It can be organized via online platforms Skype, Zoom, Facebook video or a phone call.


Light Language

Light Language is ancient Mayan light speed technique that has been practiced by Mayan curanderos (master healers) and passed down from generation to generation and can be traced back to 24 generations, it uses sacred geometry, colors and light to bring healing and manifestation.

On the physical plane we are currently limited in communicating with anyone in the world only by the speed of the equipment. On the mental, emotional and spiritual planes, major steps still need to be taken. In Light Language, we take the next major step. We learn to read and write light and communicate with light on all levels. Light Language is here and documented; it combines physics, sacred geometry, and light. Unlike words, Light Language stays true to form. The purpose of using Light Language is to have an in-depth understanding of how thought and concept effect our reality. The very building blocks are the energies of light and the form that we give them.

Light Language is "caught teaching", during the class the student sits in the trained teacher’s presence, she/he subconsciously receives 10,000 pieces of information per minute out of the teacher’s aura. The student literally catches the material being emanated out of the teacher’s aura and uses afterwards consciously.


At the beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously create what we desire in our lives.  Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our everyday language, thoughts, and behavior. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shaped grids. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language. Learn how to realign the chakras, transform the energy field, and recreate one’s reality using the vibrations of color and sacred geometry. This ancient Mayan technique may be done on others as well as on yourself. Manual included.

Prerequisite: None.


At the intermediate level you learn to write 49-shaped grids for relationships, prosperity, cash, spiritual development and more. Receive powerful health grids for over 165 dis-eases. Work with the original cause of dis-harmony and dis-ease in your life and re-write the script. Manual included.

Prerequisite: Beginning Light Language.


At the advanced level, learn to write 144-shaped grids using 80 powerful geometries and 144 colors to create change on all levels and rewrite your blueprint. Includes 3 manuals.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language.

At present Beginning and Intermediate class is offered together via online (Skype, Zoom etc.,) and offline via workshop. Duration of this class is 3 days (6 to 7 hrs each). Schedule is published in advance for each class.

If you wish to take class in private (one to one or small group) it can be organized. For online classes duration can be flexible as course can be divided into small classes till the completion.

Catalan Solids 1.jpg

Catalan Solids

Catalan solid, or Archimedean dual, is a dual polyhedron to an Archimedean solid. There are 13 Catalan solids. They are named for the Belgian mathematician, Eugène Catalan, who first described them in 1865.

The Catalan solids teaching is a transmission from Mayan healers, which focuses on relation between Physical laws, Inner laws and Universal laws and how to align these to achieve our highest potential.

There are 12 Inner Laws and they embody and represent many intricate details of our life story. The environment that we were raised in, the type of parents or parental figures we had. The friends that we were destined to meet along the way. Inescapable events that seemed to change everything. All these things help to shape who we are as adults, and they are not always positive or constructive traits. This is how we live. This is how we die. This relates to how we manifest and what we manifest.

The Inner Law that defines you comes with habits and quirks but carries within it one dominant characteristic. You may find that there is more than one Inner Law that seems to be a part of your life. Get to know this part of yourself and become more aware of how it shapes your decisions as well as the direction that relationships often unfold for you. The Inner Law is a fixed energy, unconscious of itself. It does not observe the results of your life as being affected by its whims.

Manual included. Prerequisite: None

If you are Light Language practitioner, you can use these geometries into your 49- shape grid writings.

Duration of class is 5 hrs. Online class also available via Zoom, Skype.


Healing Sessions

We offer variety of healing sessions online and offline which can bring instant and long lasting harmony in your mind, body, spirit and many aspects of your life.

Healthy boundaries, Clearing Karmic Imprints. Cutting The Cords, Distance Healing Application,

Quantum Healing, Healing Toxic relationships, Soul Retrieval, Healing chronic diseases

Please contact us to schedule a session for you and your loved ones.

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About Us

Vipin Kumar

Spiritual seeker, Intuitive healer & Teacher

Vipin is motivated spiritual seeker, intuitive healer & teacher lives in New Delhi, India and works with energy healing and sacred geometry. He has received initiations and teachings of Kriya Yoga, India and he is Certified Light Language Teacher and Practitioner of Mayan lineage, Mexico.

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To find out more information about learning at Valley of Light and Miracles, contact us today.

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