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Valley of Light and Miracles

Bringing Light and Healing to the World

Here at Valley of Light and Miracles, we offer consultation, teachings and healing sessions using ancient knowledge, techniques and tools which can bring instant and long lasting transformation into the lives of people and help them grow, live happy and fulfilled life.


Available Programs

By offering several programs, Valley of Light and Miracles gives you opportunity to get access to the knowledge & tools to bring transformation in your life and help others. Learn more about your options below, and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Consultation offers you opportunity to discuss any life situation you are struggling with and find an appropriate solution using various tools and techniques offered by the qualified practitioners. It can be organized via online platforms Skype, Zoom, Facebook video or a phone call.

Light Language 1 & 2 Training

Light Language is ancient Mayan light speed technique that has been practiced by mayan curanderos (master healers) and passed down from generation to generation and can be traced back to 26 generations, it uses sacred geometry, colors and light to bring healing and manifestation. 

Light Language is "caught teaching", during the class, teacher transmits the teachings from his or her auric field to the students auric field at subconscious level which enables student use it consciously afterwards.

This class is offered online (Skype, Zoom) and offline. Schedule is published in advance for each class. If you wish to take class in private (one to one) it can be organized. Duration of this class is 3 days (6 to 7 hrs each).

Healing Sessions

We offer variety of healing sessions online and offline which can bring instant and long lasting harmony in your mind, body, spirit and many aspects of your life.

Healthy boundaries, Clearing Karmic Imprints. Cutting The Cords, Distance Healing Application,

Quantum Healing, Healing Toxic relationships, Soul Retrieval, Healing chronic diseases

Please contact us to schedule a session for you and your loved ones.


About Us

Vipin Kumar

Spiritual seeker, Intuitive healer & Teacher

Vipin is motivated spiritual seeker, intuitive healer & teacher lives in New Delhi, India and works with energy healing and sacred geometry. He has received initiations and teachings from Siddha lineage, India and Mayan lineage,Mexico and helping people all around the world.



To find out more information about learning at Valley of Light and Miracles, contact us today.

New Delhi, India


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